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Mechanics vs. Energy/Environment related Materials and Systems

  1. Xi Chen*, John W. Hutchinson, Ming Y. He and Anthony G. Evans, On the propagation and coalescence of delamination cracks in compressed coatings: with applications to thermal barrier coatings, Acta Materialia, 2003, 51: 2017-2030.
  2. Xi Chen*, R. Wang, Nan Yao, Anthony G. Evans, John W. Hutchinson and Robert W. Bruce, Foreign object damage in a thermal barrier system: mechanisms and simulations. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2003, 352: 221-231.

Nanoindentation and Impact/Contact Mechanics

  1.  Brad L. Boyce, Xi Chen, Jan O. Peters, John W. Hutchinson and Robert O. Ritchie, Mechanical relaxation of localized residual stress associated with foreign object damage. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2003, 349: 48-58.

Book Chapters

  1. Xi Chen*, Substrate effect in the nanoindentation of thin films, in Recent Research Developments in Materials Science, Vol. 4, Research Signpost, 2003.


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