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Mechanics vs. Energy/Environment related Materials and Systems

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  1. Jie Yin^, Eyal Bar-Kochba, and Xi Chen*, Mechanical Self-Assembly Fabrication of Gears. Soft Matter, 2009, 5: 3469 - 3474. The work was reported by Royal Society of Chemistry (07/20/2009) as a featured highlight on Chemical technology news. Quote in the news “It's a new way of thinking about how we use materials to build gears”. This work was also highlighted by the popular website of NewScientist, with quote “this is the first demonstration of building gears with this type of self-assembly”, by Popsci, by Today’s Machining World, by Technologijos. The work was also highlighted on the website of Soft Matter, and it was “one of the most highly read articles published in Soft Matter during 2009”.
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Nanoindentation and Impact/Contact Mechanics

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